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Application for 2017 membership

This form is to apply for membership of the GB 9 Ball Tour for the 2018 season.

Your application will only be accepted on receipt of a £100 deposit which must be paid by 31 December 2017. This can be paid in a variety of ways, please visit the How to Pay page for information on the options available.

Personal information:

Please enter the first and last name you wish to be known by - no middle names please.

Input with care - we'll use this name on ranking lists, live-scoring etc. so if you prefer Andy instead of Andrew or Chris instead of Christopher then use your preferred version.

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Player Profile Information




The 16-man Pro division will be selected prior to the start of the season. You will be notified if your application to this division has been successful. Established cuesport professionals have to play in the Pro division.


I confirm that I have read and agree to abide by the following (clicking any of the links will open the page in a new window):

I understand and agree to the following:

  • I will be 14 years of age or older before event 1.
  • We do our best to avoid clashing dates with any other major European or international tournaments, I understand that in the unlikely event of this happening GB9 will not normally be able to refund GB9 tour fees. If we do so it will be a gesture of goodwill and should not be taken as a precedent
  • GB9 may publish my player profile information on the GB9 Official Website
  • I must be present in the hotel, registered at the tournament desk and ready to play before the published start time.
  • I agree to wear GB9 sponsors' logos if requested to do so (unless they are in conflict with my own sponsors)
  • It is a condition of entry to all GB9 tour events that I stay in the venue hotel on the Friday and Saturday night as a minimum. Hotel accommodation is guaranteed if you book by the given deadline, I understand that if I fail to do so and the hotel is full then I will have to make my our alternative arrangements and a £15 per night supplement will be payable to GB9.
  • Entry fees cover entry into the Main event and Challenge or Pro event at each of the 5 GB9 tour stops for the full season (or remainder of the season if joining part way through). Any additional events that may be arranged from time to time by GB9 (including Sunday flyers at tour stops) are not included and will attract additional entry fees (entry optional).
  • I agree to pay £75 deposit and to keep to the minimum instalment payments as detailed on the 'Member Fees' page.  If the appropriate fees are not paid in full by the due dates I understand the GB9 Committee reserves the right to expel me from further participation in the tour until the arrears are paid and GB9 may take action to recover the monies owed. I understand that no refunds will be payable by GB9 if I am refused participation in an event or expelled from the tour for non-adherence to the dress code, non-payment of instalments or fees, or breach of any other published rules and regulations in force from time to time.
  • Acceptance onto the tour will only be confirmed on receipt of your deposit.
  • I understand I may cancel this instruction in writing within 14 days, in which case any monies paid will be fully refunded.  Written instructions to cancel should be sent by email to the secretary.

In order for your application to be accepted you will also need to pay a deposit of £75. Details of the various ways to pay are available on the ‘How to Pay’ page.