Tour stops for 2022

We are pleased to be able to provide confirmed dates for our 2022 tour stops.

In preparing this schedule we have considered the published calendar for major European, US & World pool events and also the major English Pool events using the information supplied by the relevant organisations.

Experience tells us that dates for major world events can change and indeed at the time of compiling our schedule for this season some major events have yet to be scheduled. We regret that if there are any further date clashes, which are outside of our control (e.g. as a result of late changes to other organisers events) we will not be able to refund GB9 tour fees.

Main Event Hotel Venue Date (2022)
GB9 Midlands Classic Mercure Hotel, Telford 15 – 17 April
GB9 Paul Medati Trophy Mercure Hotel, Telford 10 – 12 June
GB9 Northern Masters Mercure Hotel, Telford 5 – 7 August
GB9 Southern Masters Mercure Hotel, Telford 14 – 16 October
GB9 British Grand Prix Mercure Hotel, Telford 18 – 20 November

More information on the format of each you stop is available here.