GB9 operates a rolling ranking system where we will use the best 4 results from the last 5 tour stops.

The GB9 player main ranking is important as:

  • it will be deemed the official British 9 ball ranking
  • the top ranked players will be given any available byes into Winners round 1 of the main event

The following points will be awarded:

  Main Event Challenge Event
Tier 1 Tier 2
1st 20 34 20
2nd 17 29 17
3rd 14 24 14
5th 12 20 12
9th 10 17 10
17th 8 14 8
25th 7 10 6
33rd 6    
41st   8  
49th 5*    
65th 4*    
97th 3    

If 2 or more players are tied we will use “rack difference” then “break and run %” to decide who is placed higher. If positions are still tied the player ranked higher before the most recent event will receive the higher position.*Seeded players who lose their first two matches will receive points for the round before the one they lose in. This includes players who get a bye into round 2 through the random draw.  For example, a top 32 player seeded into Round 2 who loses that match, thereby finishing 97th, will receive 3 points rather than 4.


Frequently asked questions

We do get a few queries about the rankings so we hope this FAQ section will help.

Q: My ranking is the same as someone else even though I have won more matches.  Why is this?

A: The other person will have earned points for a walkover in an early round of a tournament but this is not apparent in the match stats as we do not reflect walkovers in match and rack stats.  By not reflecting walkovers this gives players a more accurate representation of their actual performance.


Q: My ranking is the same as someone else even though our rack win % is the same but I have better break and run stats. Why is this?

A: It’s likely the person above you has a better rack win % when viewed to several decimal places but unfortunately we are not able to show the decimal places on screen.  Time to get the calculator out to check!


Q: How does the rolling ranking system work?

A: Each season we play 5 events (shown in the rankings list as E1, E2 etc) and we’ll use the points awarded from the last 5 events held.  When we start a new season the points you earn at event 1 will replace the points you earned the previous season at event 1 and be entered on the rankings list in column E1 so you will always have points showing from the last 5 events held.  From these 5 events we select the best 4 to calculate your total points.



The Tour Committee reserve the right to amend the format, regulations, match schedule and prize structure at any time without prior notice.  However, we do not currently envisage having to make significant changes to these proposals.  If we do make any changes we will endeavor to update this website promptly.