1. Full membership

Full membership is available  by completing the online application formand paying the required deposit of £100.  This gives you entry to all tour events in the season.  Becoming a full member gives you the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed spot at each tour stop
  • Free tour shirt if registered and deposit paid before 31 December 2019

If you would like to apply for full membership part way through the season then please complete the online application form. The following pro-rata fees will be due, payable in easy to manage installments which will be advised on application:

  • After event 1 £475
  • After event 2 £390
  • After event 3 £225
  • After event 4 £125

After completing the application form be sure to visit the Events section complete your entry form for any forthcoming events.

2. Single event entry

If you wish to enter an event you do not need to wait for us to offer you a place.  Simply do the following as soon as possible:

  • Fill in your entry form.
  • Pay your entry fee of £125 (£65 for juniors, £85 for ladies and wheelchair players)*  There are various payment methods explained on the how to pay page.

*excludes UK Open

Entry conditions are mentioned on the entry form but please also note the following:

  • All entrants must stay at the hotel venue for both Friday and Saturday night.
  • The entry fee gives you entry to the main event and, if eligible, a separate Tier of the Challenge Cup.
  • If the event is full when we receive your entry we will contact you without delay and provide a full refund.  Usually this will not happen as we will withdraw the event entry form for the relevant event when the event is full.  Therefore, if the entry form is available you can assume places are available at that event.

If you would like us to remind you about forthcoming events or send you other news about GB9 you may wish to join the mailing list.