Before an Event

In order to reduce administration burdens at our events, it is preferable that your payment is made in advance of each event. Final administration of payments prior to each event is done on the Wednesday before each event, so electronic payments will need to have been received and cleared no later than Midnight on the Tuesday before each event.


Bank Transfer (Preferred)

Our preferred method of payment is via bank transfer directly to our GB9 Account. For previous players, these details will be the same ones you have used to send payments to GB9 in the past. For those who haven’t paid via bank transfer previously, please use our contact us form to request details and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.



PayPal is an alternative a method of payment to a bank transfer. However, these is a fee for using this service, which will need to be added on to the payment being made. For details of where to send PayPal payments, please use the contact us form on the website to request details.


At our Events

We are able to take payments at our events, however to reduce administration burden would prefer where possible for these to be made electronically prior to each event (as above). Any payment will need to be made in advance of you playing your first match of the weekend, and any non-compliance will result in forfeiture of that match.



We are able to take cash payments at each of our events (where necessary). 


Card Payments

Card payments are able to be made at the event. However there is a 3% surcharge for ANY card payment, which is charged by the card machine supplier.