Match_ScheduleAll tour stops runs to the same strict pre-arranged schedule running from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. There is no waiting around wondering when you will play next as everything is published in advance.  This means you can properly prepare yourself for your game. Click the image on the right to view the full match schedule

Your actual match times for your first match in the Main event will be published on the website after the draw is done on the Wednesday prior to each tour stop.  The draw for the two-tier Challenge Cup and Pro Cup will be done at the venue on Saturday afternoon and published on the notice board and internet.

Start time for the Main event  are driven by the number of entries, which will vary from event to event.  In order to plan your travel times you may use the following as a guide.  Please note these are only approximations, you should make no assumptions and must carefully check the published draw for your actual start time.

Guideline match timings based on a full field

Friday: Players ranked 33 and below for the event the will start their Main event matches between 15:00 and 16:15 on Friday afternoon.  Players ranked 1-32 for the event will be seeded into round 2 of the main event and will start at either 17:30 or 18:45.  Play finishes around 22:30 at which time an open flyer event will be staged.

Saturday: Play will continue at 09:00. Main event final scheduled for 18:00 after which the Pro event and two-tier Challenge events will begin. Play finishes around 22:45 at which time an open flyer event will be staged.

Sunday: Play will continue at 09:00. Pro event and Challenge events finals scheduled for approx. 17:00.

* Updated on 22.04.14