All tour members must observe the following rules of discipline.

D1 Sponsors:

No GB9 member must in any way criticise a GB9 sponsor or any member of staff of a sponsoring firm. This includes comments made in private or public including internet chat forums, verbal, written, email or any other method. Sponsors include those mentioned on this website and venues hosting events. If any player has any concerns about any of our sponsors they must communicate these via the Committee who will investigate these concerns as appropriate on their behalf.

D2 Tournament hosts:

The rule above applying to sponsors applies equally to firms who agree to host our events (who are sponsors too). Players take particular note that even public criticism of playing conditions will not be tolerated (concerns must be expressed privately through the Committee). In addition when at tournament venues players and their guests must always conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner towards venue staff and other customers. Venue facilities must be respected at all times. Drunkenness, abusive behaviour or any behaviour which, in the opinion of the Committee, is damaging to our sport or our relationship with our hosts will not be tolerated.

GB9 value the relationships with our sponsors and hosts and take this VERY seriously. Any breaches of the above rules will be severely dealt with.

D3 Conduct:

Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a proper manner consistent with their status as professional sportsmen. Members shall not make a nuisance of themselves during a match and shall not attempt to purposely cause their opponent to be distracted during a match. Members shall not make any improper vocal or non-vocal gestures at any time before, during or after a match. Members shall not make or cause to be made any statement (whether in writing or otherwise) or take or cause others to take action which in the opinion of the Disciplinary Committee brings the Tour into disrepute. Members are responsible for the conduct and statements of their Managers and guests. Accordingly, a Member may himself be found in breach of these Rules if a breach is committed by his Manager or guest.

D4 Officials:

Members shall treat the Tournament Director, his appointed Officials at a Tournament and Referees at a Tournament with dignity and respect. Members shall observe the rules of play and abide by the directions and decisions of the Tournament Director, his appointed Officials and Referees on duty at a Tournament. Members must comply with the instructions of the Tournament Director concerning matters arising during a Tournament which fall within the general authority and responsibility of the Tournament Director, whether or not specifically provided for in these Rules.

D5 Media:

No correspondence between any Member and The Tour shall be released to the Media without prior consent of the Committee. No Member shall air any complaint or grievances to or in the Media.

D6 Betting:

No member may bet on the result of a match in which he is playing (except for small bets on him/herself for an outright win) or cause any such bet to be placed on his behalf.

D7 Grievances:

Any complaint or grievance arising during a Tournament shall be made or referred to and decided by the Tournament Director. A member who is dissatisfied with a decision of the Tournament Director under this Rule may make written representations to the Committee. The Committee shall consider the complaint or grievance afresh and make such decision as it deems fit.


The penalty for breaches of these rules are as follows:

Disqualification from tour stop at which the breach occurs and reported to disciplinary committee who have the power to ban the member from all future tour stops with no refund of tour fees. At the discretion of the Tournament Director or Committee a warning may be given.


The Tour Committee reserve the right to amend the format, regulations, match schedule and prize structure at any time without prior notice. However, we do not currently envisage having to make significant changes to these proposals. If we do make any changes we will endeavour to update this website promptly and if it is a significant change we will also make an announcement on the Pro9 website.